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How to staff a lifestyle brand

Lifestyle brands must, necessarily, run marketing campaigns on two fronts. Since these brands sell an experience, they compete not only with direct, industry rivals, but also with unrelated brands that sell alternative experiences to consumers. Good staffing is the key to marketing your lifestyle brand...

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How to pull off a successful Experiential Marketing campaign

The numbers show that experiential marketing works. The 2015 EventTrack survey, an annual survey conducted by the Event Marketing Institute, found that 98% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after attending a promotional event. Four out of five brands, too, say promotional...

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Event Staffing for Your Company Culture

In the last decade, the concept of organizational or company culture has entered the business administration lexicon with force. A way to describe an organization’s collective values, beliefs, and principles, company culture has redefined the way people work together. It’s also redefined the way brands...

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How to Handle Common Promo Event Problems

Promotional events are dynamic affairs. Not only are event goers themselves constantly coming and going, but unplanned incidents can throw a spoke in the wheel of even the most meticulously organized event. Your brand has a chance to make exactly one impression on each event goer...

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