How to Build a Brand Ambassador Profile

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Profile

Brand ambassadors personify your brand to product launch, event, or promotion attendants. Much like helpful employees or loyal customers, ambassadors are the human face of your company in interactions with potential customers. Of course, not all brands have the same face. As you integrate brand ambassadors into a larger experiential marketing campaign, developing a profile of your theoretically perfect brand ambassador will make it easier to locate the talent you need in a pool of potential candidates.

Brand ambassadors represent your brand’s appearance, demeanor, values and ethics to potential customers. Successful brand ambassadors embody a positive image of your brand, consistent with the strengths of your company and product. Since not all brands have the same strengths, not all brands have the same ambassadors. Your brand ambassador profile should roll all the humans that love your brand into one. A triple threat, the perfect brand ambassador is employee, customer, and lifestyle enthusiast all rolled into one.

The Employee

Your brand ambassador profile should ask for candidates that have professional experience or specialized knowledge in your field. People trust brand representatives who have, at least, a basic competence with the product they represent.Although more in-depth experience is preferable, your company can train brand ambassadors to answer basic questions about your product during orientation.

A brand ambassador may only be with your company for one important event, but consumers should assume their loyalty to your product is deeper than that. When brand ambassadors represent your product knowledgably, people are more likely to trust them to make a good recommendation.

The Customer

Brand ambassadors are not actually company employees, and people like them more for it They should connect with current and potential customers as peers because they fit the profile of your target customer.

From city of residence to age to gender to education to hobbies, your brand ambassador profile should match the profile of your target customer. This is, of course, more important if your product is niche and less important if your product has mass appeal.

People like, trust, and mimic people that are similar to themselves. Profiling your customers, and using that customer profile to build an ambassador profile, ensures your target customers feel at ease around your representatives.

Brand ambassadors should also share the values and ethics of your customers. Every company has values, reflected in its products, which attract customers. These range from the tangible – economy, quality, safety, or health – to the more intangible – freedom, happiness, beauty, or fun.

For your representatives to relate to your customers, your brand ambassador profile should include the values of your customer base alongside more superficial similarities.

The lifestyle enthusiast

Brand ambassadors are more than average peers; they are peer influencers. To lead, brand ambassadors should embody the ideal lifestyle your product represents to consumers.

The ideal each product represents varies: If the product is sports related, fitness is the ideal. If the product is entertainment related, excitement is the ideal. If the product is beauty related, physical beauty is the ideal and so on.

Profile brand ambassadors who actually live the lifestyle of your product. The customers they engage will sincerely idealize both your brand representatives and your brand message.