How to Handle Common Promo Event Problems

How to Handle Common Promo Event Problems

Promotional events are dynamic affairs. Not only are event goers themselves constantly coming and going, but unplanned incidents can throw a spoke in the wheel of even the most meticulously organized event.

Your brand has a chance to make exactly one impression on each event goer as he or she passes through your booth. Make sure it’s a positive one by preparing your team for these common promo event mishaps.

  1. The technology’s gone rogue.

Technology doesn’t always work the way it is suppose to. PowerPoint crashes. The wireless network is slow or unresponsive. Your hardware goes haywire. We’ve all been there.

Everyone occasionally deals with a technology malfunction from time to time, but, unfortunately, nothing screams “unprofessional” more than technical difficulties during a presentation or event.

Depending on the size of the event, the number of attendants could overwhelm both the local network (if the event offers free Wi-Fi) and the mobile network.

If you’re using an Instagram printer or another experience that links to social media, it’s best to carry a backup network just in case. Have a booster antenna or hotspot on hand for emergencies.

If possible, download video, audio, and presentation material ahead of time instead of streaming it. You have limited time with each event goer. Don’t waste it explaining that the technology isn’t working.

When it comes to software and hardware problems, good staffing is key. Ensure that your team knows how to run the technology effectively. Always include someone with the experience to solve tech issues on your team.

  1. A queue.

So many people are interested in your product that they’re queuing up outside your booth or event. This is the problem every brand wants to have.

Although flattering for the brand, queues often leave event goers feeling bored, frustrated, and restless. These aren’t exactly the attitudes you want potential customers approaching your product with.

Ensure that your booth is adequately staffed and that there is plenty of space and seating for event goers. It’s better to have too much than too little.

If a queue starts to form, you’ll most likely have to move event goers through your booth faster. This means your staff has less time to engage each customer. If you anticipate a high volume of attendants, plan your marketing strategy around short-term engagements.

  1. Your product sample or product prototype broke.

Eh, sometimes it happens. Luckily, there’s a real simple solution – bring an extra everything!

  1. All the handouts have been handed out.

Experiential marketing is about building brand awareness and loyalty, not necessarily about driving sales directly. A handout keeps event goers thinking about your product afterwards and pushes them to make a purchase.

Whether your handout is a promotional gift, a leaflet, a voucher, or a discount code, running out of them means losing potential sales. Ensure, then, that you always have enough to go around. Just like with booth space and seating, too many is better than too few.

In the excitement of a product launch or promotional event, a solid team of brand representatives keeps the event running smoothly and ensures a maximum number of positive engagements with potential customers.

Successful event staff responds proactively to problems by communicating effectively with the rest of your team and, ultimately, just going with the flow of the event.