March 2016

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Profile

Brand ambassadors personify your brand to product launch, event, or promotion attendants. Much like helpful employees or loyal customers, ambassadors are the human face of your company in interactions with potential customers. Of course, not all brands have the same face. As you integrate brand ambassadors into a larger experiential marketing campaign, developing a profile of your theoretically perfect brand ambassador will make it easier to locate the talent you need in a pool of potential candidates.

How to Cast the Perfect Event Staff

Staffing a product launch, event, or promotion is no less important than casting a television show or movie. The success of the event, like the success of a show, leans heavily on how engaging and likeable its people are.

Both staffing and casting are usually handled by dedicated professionals, and with good reason. It takes a great deal of focus, energy, and experience to discover, hire, and retain the right staff.

There is, however, a general theory behind casting the perfect event staff (at least here at PromoPeople). We’ve already covered the overarching qualities we look for in brand ambassadors, now we’ll delve deeper into how we match successful candidates with your event.

How to Build a Killer Event Team for Business Promotion

In the excitement of a product launch or promotional event, a solid team of brand representatives keeps the event running smoothly and ensures a maximum number of positive engagements with potential customers.

Great teams, however, don’t often appear out of thin air. While brands or staffing agencies must build their dream teams from the ground up, the effort is always worth the tangible results these teams deliver.

The 4 Types of Brand Ambassadors

Experiential marketing has made possible some pretty spectacular feats – from Felix Baumgartner’s legendary parachute jump for Red Bull (who could forget it) to the Red Tent-esque “Amele Handbag” experience in Sydney (which PromoPeople itself worked on).

While these feats and thousands more vary drastically in scale, aim and target audience, what they all have in common is the participation of event staff, or brand ambassadors, with the skills to execute the event and the charisma to engage an audience for it.

Brand ambassadors are brand representatives that engage consumers in an event or experience, either first hand or through traditional or social media. They represent your brand’s appearance, demeanor, values and ethics to potential customers, spread brand awareness, and foster brand loyalty.