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People like to buy from people. At a product launch or promotion, a brand ambassador’s friendly face is more engaging than a sleek logo or a cool freebie. Positive in-person engagements boost brand awareness and sales, while leaving consumers feeling attended to and happy.

At PromoPeople, our engaged, helpful, and competent brand ambassadors are ready to share your brand’s energy and message with the masses. Our event staff motto is: focus on one, broadcast to many. By making personal connections with event goers, we leave positive impressions of your brand that outlast the event itself.

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People Power

A recent Nielson survey revealed that, while only 33% of consumers trust paid advertising, a whopping 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations. This means consumers are almost three times more likely to listen to what a person tells them about a product than what a print or digital advertisement tells them.

Brand ambassadors engage with others as peers. They aren’t salespeople, they are people – just people – genuinely excited about the brand they’re representing. Promotional staff make personal connections so that people value their recommendation and mimic their excitement about your product.

As part of a brand or presentation, ambassadors trigger word-of-mouth advertising by generating positive interactions between your brand and consumers. Consumers don’t usually gush about print or digital advertising, but they will gush about a positive interaction with a brand representative like an ambassador.

Brand Ambassadors Represent

Successful brand ambassadors embody your brand’s identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics. As a brand representative, an ambassador exudes the energy and message of your product in every interaction with consumers. On a basic level, this means being likeable, but true representation is subtler.

What a brand stands for, separate from its competitors, matters. PromoPeople has worked on vastly different projects – from manning feats of Lego engineering at the Brick Man Experience to printing Instagram photos for Huawei on Chinese New Year – and each has had its own unique identity and staffing requirements.

Brand Ambassadors Help

Today, customers demand both product knowledge and excellent customer service more than ever before. At launches and promotions, the conduct of brand ambassadors reflects the customer service your company provides. Your promo staff, then, should be just as helpful as your permanent staff.
It is in the very fabric of brand ambassador’s personalities to share information about products, solve problems and help others. Ambassadors are emotionally engaged with your company’s brand promise and know how to communicate the value of your products to potential customers.

Like a Pro

At PromoPeople, our brand ambassadors are trained marketing professionals. Whatever you need ambassadors for – to spread brand awareness, to create a customer database, to generate leads or to improve your path-to-purchase flow – ours are up to the task.

Our brand ambassadors are hardworking and competent, it reflects well on your brand. When you fill your staffing needs with PromoPeople, you can be certain of a high level of professionalism.

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